Titles are text that appear before or after your name in colored brackets. They indicate that you have accomplished a certain achievement and can inspire fear in your opponents.

Player [The Noob]
Create an account

Player [Is Still a Noob]
Reach Level 5

[The Poorly Trained] Player
Reach Level 10

[The Average] Player
Reach Level 15

Player [Has Potential]
Reach Level 20

[That Boy] Player
Reach Level 25

[That Girl] Player
Reach Level 25

Player [The Kid]
Reach Level 30

[The Well Trained] Player
Reach Level 35

Player [The Climber]
Reach Level 40

Player [Is Almost Halfway There]
Reach Level 45

[Halfway There] Player
Reach Level 50

Player [Is Over the Hump]
Reach Level 55

[Not Really] Player
Reach Level 60

Player [The Experienced]
Reach Level 65

Player [Is Still Playing??]
Reach Level 70

Player [The Savage]
Reach Level 75

[Gladiator] Player
Reach Level 80

[...] Player
Reach Level 85

[Elder] Player
Reach Level 90

Player [Is Really Almost There]
Reach Level 95

Player [The Perfect (a)]
Reach Level 100

[The Perfect (b)] Player
Reach Level 100

[The Timid] Player
Create five forum posts

[The Awkward] Player
Create ten forum posts

[Sociable] Player
Create fifty forum posts

[The Perverted] Player
Create 69 forum posts

[The Cool] Player
Create 500 forum posts

[Blabbermouth] Player
Create 1000 forum posts

[The Friendly] Player
Have 5 friends

[The Cool] Player
Have 100 friends

Player [The Contender]
Win a crown

[Champion] Player
Win 10 crowns

[Grand Chamption] Player
Win 100 crowns

[Alpha] Player
Play During the Alpha

[Beta] Player
Play During the Beta

[The Real] Player
Be a verified famous person

[Burn Victim] Player
Get hit by a fireball 100 times

[Frozen] Player
Get hit by a freeze spell 100 times

[Angry] Player
Cast Rage one thousand times

Player [The Furious]
Cast Rage ten thousand times

Player [The Frog]
Cast Leap one thousand times

[Sage Toad] Player
Cast Leap ten thousand times

[Master Recruiter] Player
Complete the Referral Challenge

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