As with most ninja born in Taolin, this kunoichi was raised to be a killing machine. She invokes charka that can be released for a time-scaling attack and defense boost. Invoked Charka is lost if Mochizuki switches out. Her Smokescreen ability is poisonous to enemies and harmless to its owner, making it a useful defense when vulnerable. Mochizuki’s katana, Totsu, is rumored to have been gifted from Scorpio himself. Basic Attack Damage: (2).

Invoke Cooldown: (5s)
Invoke Charge Amt: (20)

Release Cooldown: (1s)
Release Attack Boost: (4)
Release Defense Boost: (3)
Release Max Duration: (10s)

Smokescreen Cooldown: (30s)
Smokescreen Duration: (5s)
Smokescreen Damage: (2/s)

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