Kai - The Warrior

Kai is the oldest of the Three Wandering Brothers. His sword and shield are named Gore and Soteria respectively. Use this Champion in up close and personal situations. Pressing the back arrow will raise his shield to block half of incoming damage. Kai’s Rage ability will grant double base damage to Basic Attacks and Thrusts, which can be used to close gaps. Use Fortify right before blocking incoming damage to deflect it entirely. Kai is a former pupil of Aries and is known to best his brothers in close-hand combat. When Kai is hit while trying to perform an attack, his sword will retain its mysterious glow...

Basic Attack Damage: (5)
Rage Cooldown: (45s)
Rage Attack Boost: (2x)
Rage Duration: (10s)
Thrust Cooldown: (5s)
Thrust Damage: (5)
Fortify Cooldown: (10s)
Fortify Defense Boost: (100%)
Fortify Duration: (2s)

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