Chi is the second born of the Three Wandering Brothers. He learned the art of magic from Master Sage Lee and can cast powerful spells. These spells’ effects cancel each other out and use mana. The Fireball ability deals an initial amount of damage and deals burn damage over time. The Freeze ability will stop an opponent from moving, attacking, and casting abilities for a short time. Mana can be replenished with the Channel ability. During a channel Chi cannot move, but he can use basic attacks.Basic Attack Damage: (2).

Channel Cooldown: (1s)
Channel Duration: (10s)

Fireball Mana Cost: (20)
Fireball Cooldown: (15s)
Fireball Damage: 8 + (3/2/1)/s

Freeze Mana Cost: (40)
Freeze Cooldown: (10s)
Freeze Damage: (6)
Freeze Time: (3s)

[Chi's Ability Upgrades]

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